Does gzdecode() exist or not?

The first step, encoding, was very easy. I used “gzencode()” and everything worked fine. Then I wanted to use the decoding function “gzdecode()” and I got this message “Fatal error: Call to undefined function phpdecode() “.

I go back to, and there I see that the function gzdecode is documented, and no specifications are given which PHP version is needed, which extra extensions need to be installed etc. And since gzencode works fine, gzdecode should work fin too, isn’t it?

I google a little, and I find very little information. The best thing I see is this, on This issue is closed since 2006, and has one comment: “Implemented for PHP-6”.

So, why is gzencode() available in PHP5, en gzdecode() only in PHP6?
And because PHP6 is not out yet, what is the best solution: use other function (gzcompress() and gzdecompress(), gzinflate() and gzdeflate()), or use one of the meny alternative gzdecode() functions that user on have written?