Zend Framework certified!

Zend Framework Certified Engineer LogoToday I passed the Zend Framework certification. From now on I can call myself Zend Framework Certified Engineer.

I followed the Zend Certification training at Ausy/Dataflow. Gauthier Delamarre is an excellent teacher, and he helped me very good to prepare for the examination. Though it is my opinion that with only the training you cannot pass. It requires a lot of experience with the ZF, and you have to study the online reference guide really good.

Some tips for anybody who wants to do the certification:

  • know the output of every function,
  • know which and how many parameters every function requires, but also know the optional parameters,
  • know what happens if something goes wrong (does ZF throw an Exception or do you get a Fatal Error, a warning,…),
  • know the configuration settings (for example Frontend and Backend Caching have a lot of settings),
  • study the reference guide in depth!

Be faster in Eclipse PDT

A tip for all PHP developers using Eclipse PDT:
if you want to type a class name, for example “Zend_Controller_Request_Http”, you can just type “ZCRH“, and the Eclipse code assist will suggest “Zend_Controller_Request_Http”.

This works also in Zend Studio for Eclipse.